Transcript For Daily Crypto News Brief, December 16, 2019

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Below is the transcript for the ITB Media Daily Crypto News Brief for Monday, December 16, 2019

This is your ITB MEDIA DAILY CRYPTO NEWS BRIEF for Monday, December 16, 2019.

In Mainstream Financial News. 

  • CNBC reports: With Xi’s backing, China looks to become a world leader in blockchain as US policy is absent.
  • Bloomberg Headline: Chinese Crypto Scam Unwind Suggests Bitcoin Risks Extending Drop.
  • The Financial Times Reports: VanEck chief: I’ve become ‘an ETF guy.
  • Wall Street Journal Headline: If Bitcoin Looks Like It Isn’t Trading, It’s Because It Isn’t.
  • Forbes Headline: Bitcoin 2020: What’s Ahead.
  • Altcoin Daily (YouTube) posts a video titled: Bitcoin Holders: WE ARE LIVE | Where will Bitcoin’s price be in 2020? [AMA].
  • The Moon (YouTube) reports: BITCOIN NEW GAP!! HUGE MOVE IMMINENT!! $14,000,000 Per BTC In Debt | Alessio Rastani.
  • Data Dash (YouTube) posts a video titled: European Central Bank Set To Create A Digital Currency. Here’s What You Need To Know.
  • Crypto Zombie (YouTube): BITCOIN EXPLOSIVE VOLATILTY SOON!! “Getting in NOW is a Good Opportunity!” – Dan Moorehead.
  • CoinTelegraph reports: Bitcoin Price Drops Under $7K, But Longs Soar After $6.8K Bounce.
  • CoinDesk headline: This Year’s Top Ten Crypto Narratives.
  • CryptoNews reports on its front page: Ethereum Foundation USD 100 Million Deal Raises Transparency Questions.

This has been your ITB MEDIA DAILY CRYPTO NEWS BRIEF for Monday, December 16, 2019.

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