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The BCD™

The personal biometric credentialing device that secures your financial transactions.

A Powerful Device That Minimizes Fraud

Its unique capability is managing public and private keys associated with block chain and cryptographic solutions for currency security. We marry the cryptographic capability to your fingerprint by assigning your ownership of a particular private and public key on our private permissioned blockchain, by selling subscribing web hosts the absolute identity (i.e. their private and public key) of the user to thus overcome all credentialing steps.

What our BCD™ does cumulatively for the web host is elevate its defenses against hacking to an unprecedented level. The company server will no longer serve someone whose fingerprint it does not recognize.

Our BCD™ service is monetizable. BCDs create digital tokens called ITBids, for which we will charge web hosts. We anticipate it to become the greatest source of income to the company in the long run. Its scale is as big as ecommerce itself.

Secure your financial transactions