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ITBx™ Fingerprint Wallet

Introducing the Safest Digital Hardware Wallet

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When it comes to large cryptocurrency holdings, you should never have to question your security. As the cryptocurrency world becomes more and more popular, though, hackers and other threats bring that security into question. That’s why we created the world’s safest crypto hardware wallet, the first of its kind to use biometric authentication to increase the security of your holdings.

Unbeatable Security

The ITBx Cold Wallet offers more protection against potential threats than any other cold storage wallet. Our hardware wallet mitigates many of the risks that hackers present by keeping your assets offline. Hot wallets store your assets online, leaving the door open for hackers to access your account and empty it with relative ease. Cold storage wallets, however, store your assets safely offline where only you can access them.

Here’s where the ITBx Cold Wallet differentiates itself. While other cold storage wallets are accessible via security codes, PINs, or passphrases, our product is the first to introduce biometric security. You protect your text messages, emails, and other pieces of personal information — why wouldn’t you guard your most valuable assets with superior security?

If you lose any other cold wallet, anybody with enough patience will be able to hack it and access your stored money. With the ITBx, however, your fingerprint restores your wallet and nobody has that but you. When you get another wallet, you can restore and access all of your holdings with the same fingerprint!

No other crypto hardware wallet uses fingerprint recognition, body temperature and blood flow detection, and ephemeral key wrapping to deliver this level of safety.


We make it easy for everyone to understand our biometric wallet. Once you have your device, set-up is simple using the ITB mobile app which walks you through every step. Simply ensure your security using our fingerprint recognition pad and back up your wallet to secure all of your holdings offline. Now you’re ready to make transactions and check your balance with ease.

Transferring holdings from a previous cold storage wallet to the ITBx is easier than ever, too. Whereas most wallets take upwards of 45 minutes to set up, you can load your current assets onto the ITBx in less than three minutes by following our simple instructions.


All of this is made possible thanks to our innovative ITB Platform. Headlined by the ITBx Cold Wallet, this platform is the future of secure identity authentication for high-security industries. This patent-pending platform is what allows us to introduce biometric security into the world of cryptocurrency.

The platform within the ITBx Cold Wallet works with a state-of-the-art security chip and encryption software to provide uncompromising security. On the outside of the device, the thermal blood-flow sensing technology adds another layer of protection other hardware wallets can’t compete with.


Cryptocurrency has developed well beyond its early stages of a Bitcoin-dominated medium of exchange. With hundreds of cryptos available for trade, you need a device that stores them all. The multi-currency platform that runs the ITBx Cold Wallet allows you to do just that. Compatible with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, XRP, and dozens more, you can have the most secure access to the cryptocurrencies of your choosing.

How It Works:

GET THE ITBX DEVICE: Available to order for customers in the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, and China.

ONBOARDING: Set up your wallet in our easy to use ITB mobile app. Coming soon! 

GET PROTECTED: The ultimate biometric protection for your high value assets and other unsecured transactions.

Technical Specifications: