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ITBiometrics, Inc. is a USA Corporation specializing in security for online financial transactions using biometric identity authentication. The company manufactures OEM hardware products with leading biometric technology integration for use by businesses, governments, and individuals in high-security use cases.

Simple and Secure

ITBiometrics deployed its technology in the ITBx Cold Wallet in 2018, a leading cold storage solution for cryptocurrency owners. ITBiometrics’ hardware works seamlessly with an agile SDK to deliver state of the art security and usability of its devices.

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ITBx device in black


Veteran startup executives with global business leadership experience

photo of andy finch

Andy Finch, CEO

President of RMI, a startup consultancy; Global executive for large multi-national and tech startup veteran.

photo of Howard Prager

Howard Prager, Chairman

Author, inventor of ITBx Cold Wallet, technology investor, and visionary.

Tony Zakula

Tony Zakula, CTO

CEO of Kodaris, a digital transformation platform; Successful FinTech entrepreneur and software development executive.

photo of David N. Sharifi

David N. Sharifi, Esq.
Legal and Business Affairs

Principal Attorney at L.A. Tech & Media Law; a leading intellectual property and technology law firm in Los Angeles.

photo of Amarjot Saigal

Amarjot Saigal, Advisor

Amarjot Saigal, headed redevelopment, deployment, and maintenance of CitiBank’s international currency trading desk, a worldwide leading platform used by banks and traders.

photo of Dr. P. Subra Suramahyam

Dr. P. Subra Suramahyam, Advisor

Dr. P. Subra Subramahyam is a consulting professor at Stanford, Wharton, George Washington University. He also consults startups, international corporations and investment firms (Venture Capital and Private Equity). He is an advisor to the Dean/CSE and NTU (Singapore), has been a faculty collaborator at UC Berkeley.